Our Services

Templetonia Pty Ltd deliver high quality application products for the end user. We are able to provide a wide range of services throughout the full system development life cycle. Such servcies include database design and administration, application design, data migrations, deployment and support.
We can also look at your existing Excel spreadsheets and look at moving them to a web application or just look at some fine tuning or automation of your spreadsheets using Excel VBA.
Templetonia devotes time into research and develepment to ensure that more efficient and leading edge products are delivered.


Application Development
& Support

Design and Delivery
We will research and develop the best solution as per our clients requirements. Using latest technology practices and software we will deliver modern flexible applications.


Excel Automation
& Migrations

Convert Excel Spreadsheets to a Database
Convert your existing Excel spreadsheets into a web based application with SQL backend database. Migrate your data or just improve your existing spreadheet with Excel VBA. The options are varied and flexible.


Administration Services

Blue Crystal Solutions
Together with partner Blue Crystal Solutions we can deliver high quality services and support of your databases, your applications and the timely delivery of these services.

Services Overview

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